Dunwich Dynamo 2008 – Before.

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Photo © 2007 andy black used with permission.

The 2008 Dunwich Dynamo rolls out this Saturday night. A 120 mile overnight bike ride from London to Dunwich on the East coast. By tradition this is run on the weekend closest to the July full moon, and this will be the 16th run. It is an unsupported ride. There is no need to book, there’s nothing to pay. You just turn up at the start and ride out with everyone else. There’s no broom wagon at the back so if anything goes wrong, well, you’re on your own. Southwark Cyclists organises coaches back to London, with the bikes following on in a fleet of removal vans. At around half way, some kind people get a village hall and serve hot food. Of course, as they don’t know how many riders will be, there may not be anything left for the slower riders.

Last year’s ride was my first time I rode it; on a fixed wheel with a 48/17 gear ratio. It rained hard until dawn. But by the time I reached the beach at the end the sun was out and it was a glorious morning. All kinds of bikes and riders were out. Roadies on carbon speed machines, recumbents, commuters on hybrids or mountain bikes. Quite a few fixed wheels and single speeds as well. Old and young riders.

Strangely, trolling the web for memories of the ride, I found this picture from a fellow rider who I don’t even know. He blogged his ride here. It’s about 24 miles in and the worst of the rain was yet to come.

What I remember about the ride most is the sense of achievement. I was cold, wet and miserable for a lot of the time. But with so many bikes on the route – 400 cyclists riding out of London on a Saturday evening in a long stream before getting stretched out is a wondrous sight – you can always join a group and lift your spirits. It took me about 12 hours, but that includes stops for food and breaks.

I’m riding fixed again this year. I’m a better cyclist than I was then, so I’m planning on riding the whole way instead of walking up some of the hills. In a way I think it will be harder this year. Last time I just concentrated on turning the pedals, this time I know how far I have to go. There is some chance of rain this weekend, but it can’t be worst than last time, but the forecast is for strong wind, which isn’t pleasant when you’re on your own on a bike.

So, I’m hoping for clear skies and moonlight. I’ll clean my bike tomorrow and ride off away from the sunset and into the highlight of my cycling year.

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    Its a nice post, describing your experience. I wish I would do that, sounds fun and adventures, I wish you the very best for this time. Cheers

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