SOBezier – A Cocoa Tutorial

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I am going to start a series of tutorials that will build a basic Mac application that draws and manipulates bezier curves. Following the example of the Hillegass book I am going to be building the application up bit by bit; adding functionality in stages. Although the sample code available on the Apple site and elsewhere on the net is quite detailed, it is sometimes hard to see how an application can be built up in small steps.

Because I am a fan of version control, and also because it can show the stages that the application is built up in, the git repository is available online, but if you don’t have (or want to use) git, I’ll also have zip files of the project as it goes along.

The screen shot looks a little dull right now, but I am planning to have support for preference panes, changing the curve, undo/redo, printing, archiving, and copying amongst other things.

Also, if there is enough support for it, I might screencast some of the stages.

I hope you’ll join me.

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